Certified by Lloyds Register of Shipping and German Lloyds Certified by American Bureau of Shipping (ABS)  ISO 9001:15 Registered Century Pacific Foundry was established in 1968 and has emerged as one of the leaders in producing Ductile Iron Castings.

We also specialize in Grey, Wear resistant Iron, which includes Nihard, Hi-chrome white iron and Steel castings. 30 great years of growth and serving the industry, with over 55 employees.

We have produced castings for a wide range of industries such as the Oil and Gas, Forestry, Transportation, Mining and Exploration, Marine and General Engineering.

The demand for our products has resulted in a $2 million expansion in 1997/98. This will facilitate additional capacity for continued demand, increase in efficiency for production and faster deliveries. The foundry expansion has added 13,000 Sq. Ft. of additional floor space. We are getting ready to meet the challenges of the next Millennium.

We are capable of producing Carbon, Low Alloy Steel Castings, as well as many grades of Cast Iron in many specifications (to view a list of different metals choose Alloy Sheet from the top menu).

Heart of the foundry are the three state-of-the-art Electric Induction Furnaces.

We have a fully equiped Machine Shop on site, fitted with 3 boring mills, and 3 lathe machines for rough machinery. We have a fully equipped Pattern Shop facility for customer needs. Our patternmakers are experienced in providing expert advise and skill in making modification to existing patterns, repairs to them or creating new patterns if so desired.

We use high speed Automatic Molding Machines capable of producing 16 x 20 inch molds per hour. We have 1 (one) - Beardsley & Pipper, 2 (two) - BMM - CT6 molding machines (Flask size 48 x 52 inches) and 2 (two) air set molding stations.

Output Capacity - 450 Tons a month in sizes ranging from 1 (one) ounce to 5,000 pounds. Also our Laboratory staff are capable of providing chemical certification for metal analysis and arrange for tensile & hardness testing if needed, (all this is done in-house by utilizing our arc-spark spectrometer, tensile tester and brinell testing equipment). We can also arrange for outside testing for ultrasonic, radiograph, liquid dye penetration, etc.

We are setup to accommodate heat treating of castings. With the expansion we have have 2 (two) heat treat ovens to help meet our customers' needs.

For water or oil quenching, our staff will be more than happy to arrange with an outside source.

We encourage you to contact us with all your foundry needs.